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Welcome to MemeCoin Universe Marketplace. The only guaranteed scam-free marketplace available for alt-coins. All of the MemeCoin tokens available on this website are managed In-House by the core team at MemeCoin Universe.


MemeCoinUniverse (MCU)


Executive Token (EXEC)


The official mine token



mcu certified safe

We only designate projects as MCU Certified Safe if they have been thoroughly vetted by the MCU Team. These tokens are not managed In-House by members of the MCU Core team. The devs on these projects have passed a thorough review that includes at least one of their team’s devs meeting with meeting the MCU team in person or through video chat. Developers of these teams have been doxed to the MCU Core Team. We have determined that these tokens are safe to trade!

PEEPS Certified Safe Logo MCU

The People's Coin

ASCENT Logo certified safe MCU

Defiant Token

CoinMerge Token logo Certified Safe



At MemeCoin Universe, when we say all of our MemeCoins are guaranteed to be “Scam-Free” what we mean specifically is that there will be no risk of Rug Pulls, Dev team abandonment and use-cases that are not active at launch, tangible in some sort and measurable in some way.

When we say MemeCoin we mean a project that we produce and manage in-house. MemeCoin’s belonging to us will feature 6% ETH reflections and they will have our signature “M” worked into the logo.

This name of this project is MemeCoin Universe. Our Marketplace is built to resemble that. This is the central location to buy Guaranteed Scam-Free tokens that are produced or vetted by our team. MemeCoinUniverse is the first token to be released in the marketplace and represents the flagship token for the project as a whole.

The People's Coin

MCU Certified Safe


PEEPS Supply: 100,000,000,000,000

Total Supply: 18,000,000,000,000

Circulating: 461,000,000,000,000 

PEEPS Burned: Nearly 50%

Find Us Here:

The People's Coin

“For the People, By the People”

The People’s Coin (PEEPS) mission is to work and partner with any entity in the Charitable Giving & Fundraising space regardless of age, size, or status of the operation to become the go-to universal digital payment version of ‘GoFundMe’ or “KickStarter’.
  • Invest in Positive Change
  • Earn Revenue & Rewards
  • 100% Fair for All
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